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Just before Bap took ill he had finished recording a new album. Plans were in place to support its release including international touring, but unfortunately all these plans had to be cancelled. 

Over recent months some good friends in USA and closer to home have been working hard in the background to get Bap’s new album ready for release. So it is with great pleasure that we can now announce the release of Bap’s new album, entitled “Reckless Heart”

* POST SCRIPT : Bap sadly passed away on 1 November 2016

LONELY STREET DISCS (Bap’s record label) is proud to be working with LAST CHANCE RECORDS (USA & world) and AT THE HELM (UK) to bring about this release.


Reckless Heart (CD) was released on 2nd December in the UK and Ireland, with worldwide shipping available exclusively from this site (Lonely Street Discs, Bap's official online shop)

​​The international release date is scheduled for 27th January 2017 and this date will also see a vinyl edition available worldwide.


“Reckless Heart ” is the culmination of a lifetime of refining the craft of songwriting . Bap Kennedy delivers nothing less than a timeless album that captures the songwriter at his peak" (Travis Hill, LCR)

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