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THE SAILOR'S REVENGE (Prod. by Mark Knopfler)

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All songs written by Bap Kennedy.
  1. Shimnavale
  2. Not A Day Goes By
  3. Jimmy Sanchez
  4. Lonely No More
  5. The Right Stuff
  6. Maybe I Will
  7. Please Return To Jesus
  8. The Sailor’s Revenge
  9. Working Man
  10. The Beauty Of You
  11. Celtic Sea


  • No 1 - Best of 2012 - No Depression
  • Top 10 Americana album (2012) - Mojo
  • Top 10 Great Roots albums (2012) - The Telegraph

"Bap Kennedy has the ability to take the merest thread of a story and spin it into a tale of such epic proportions it leaves the casual listener dumbfounded at what comes out of their speakers"- No Depression

 "An album of bittersweet beauty" - Guitarist magazine 

"Kennedy's approach blends country, folk and and Irish traditional textures with seamless skill" - Hot Press

'The best singer songwriter I ever saw' (Steve Earle). High praise indeed from Earle who then sought to play and record with the ex Energy Orchard main man.

Bap Kennedy returns with a Mark Knopfler produced album that features songwriting that grows stronger with every listen.

Knopfler adds his distinctive guitar alongside other luminaries such as Jerry Douglas, Michael McGoldrick and John McCusker.

The Sailor's Revenge features Kennedy's most mature and sophisticated songwriting to date.



ABOUT TRACK 1 - Shimnavale
A place name that lends itself to a song title…Shimnavale sits between the Irish Sea and the mountains of Mourne (Newcastle County Down) where I stayed while I was working on new material ….the song was inspired by old photographs of a family who lived there and my own experience as an immigrant.
ABOUT TRACK 2 - Not a Day Goes By
A Celtic work out for the band, and a song about regret and reflection.

ABOUT TRACK 3 - Jimmy Sanchez
While writing the songs for the Sailor’s Revenge I was, like most people, following the news story of the Chilean miners rescue. One name jumped out at me - the youngest miner, nineteen year old Jimmy Sanchez. He had been reported as saying God must want him to change.. Potent stuff…hence the line repeated in the song “I know I must change”

ABOUT TRACK 4 - Lonely No More
A song about trying to break away from a life that’s not working and hoping for something better…a song about taking risks and letting go..

ABOUT TRACK 5 - The Right Stuff
Previously recorded for my album “Howl On” which preceded this one….Inspired by my childhood memories of the Space Race and all things American. A song about heroes and comradeship. Not forgetting Tom Wolfe who wrote the book “The Right Stuff” also on the subject of the Space Race.

ABOUT TRACK 6 - Maybe I Will
One of my biggest influences is Hank Williams…I’d love to hear him sing this one..

ABOUT TRACK 7 - Please Return To Jesus
All I can say is listen to the lyrics…

ABOUT TRACK 8 - The Sailor’s Revenge
This is the song that started the ball rolling as far as making the album goes. Mark Knopfler heard the demo and we thought it would be great to go in this direction for an albums worth of songs. Another song influenced by growing up in a port city (Belfast)

ABOUT TRACK 9 - Working Man
Back in the mid eighties while trying to get a record deal I worked on the building sites across London. I remember one morning waiting on the broadway, I think it was Cricklewood broadway not too far from county Kilburn.. and just like the song we were waiting for vans to arrive in the darkness of early morning (“Waiting for the man to come”) A guy would jump out and pick half a dozen of us and drive off to some dirty job in the never quite finished capital city. 

ABOUT TRACK 10 - The Beauty of You
A ballad I wrote for my wife, Brenda... she sang a harmony on the last verse.

ABOUT TRACK 11 - Celtic Sea
The Celtic Sea is an area of the Atlantic Ocean that runs from the South of Ireland to the North of France (and is also bounded by the St George’s & Bristol Channel) ….A song in a more traditional Irish ballad style and looking to Europe rather than America for inspiration. 
A favorite Sailor’s Revenge song of Mark Knopfler’s…he sang backing vocals on this one.

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