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DOMESTIC BLUES (CD- original version)

DOMESTIC BLUES (CD- original version)


Domestic Blues CD

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All songs written by Bap Kennedy, except No. 7 (Steve Earle).

1.     Long Time a Comin'
2.     The Way I Love Her
3.     Unforgiven
4.     Domestic Blues 
5.     I've Fallen in Love
6.     Vampire
7.     Angel Is the Devil
8.     The Backroom
9.     Mostly Water
10.   The Ghosts of Belfast 
11.   My Money
12.   The Shankill and the Falls
13.   Lowlife
14.   Dream Of You


"A-list Americana songwriter Bap Kennedy comes roaring back into the frame with his latest album thanks to some stirring songs and a little help from his legendary friends" - cluas.com

"Bap Kennedy's melodies have the priceless knack of nagging at you until they catch hold in your subconscious and his lyrics capture the mood of the song perfectly with economy and style." - Triste Magazine

"The brilliant interplay of dark and light as seen through one man’s very perceptive eyes.
Bap Kennedy offers up strong evidence of the enduring connection between Celtic music and America’s own country and roots music
...a stellar assault of America by a stunning performer" - All-Music Guide

"a fine collection of songs with a common tone and a sense of honesty" - UNCUT


Domestic Blues is Bap's first solo album. It was recorded in Nashville, TN and produced by the "Twang Trust"  of Steve Earle & Ray Kennedy.
Earle was later to describe Bap as “the best songwriter I ever saw,” and the album featured several of Nashville’s most highly regarded musicians, including Jerry Douglas, Peter Rowan and Nanci Griffith. 
Domestic Blues was a real success, getting into the top ten of the Billboard Americana chart. Kennedy’s song Vampire appeared in the soundtrack for Hollywood film You Can Count On Me - which won two awards at the prestigious Sundance film festival  and received two Oscar nominations - and 3 songs from the album were used for cult classic Southie. More touring of the U.S.A. cemented the acclaim.



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